Question on SD Maid Pro

I am using SD Maid Pro Version 5.3.8. I have it installed on my USB drive. After scan. it says to run and shows 440 MB I run it, back out scan again and still shows the same MB. Not working at all. should I remove from USB and install on Fire stick?

not real sure about amazon compatability with sdmaid but on android it must be on the actual device with all permissions granted. From the usb you are seeing some sort of feed back but nothing deletes or cleans up because of permissions…of course thats if firestick will even grant permissions.

I have SD Maid 5.3.20 beta on my Sandisk 3.0 USB drive attached via a powered otg hub to a 4k Max and SD Maid on it works just fine. The only permission that I see is for Storage and I “allow” that.

I have the same setting. Yet when I go back in still reads the same to clean. Any suggestions ? I suppose I can uninstall.Just lost all my downloader codes.

What reads the same to clean? I open SD Maid and it opens to the apps “home” page where I have QuickAccess highlighted and on the right panel is 4 sub categories “CorpseFinder”, “SystemCleaner”, “AppCleaner”, and “Databases”. I scroll down and click the green “Scan” down the bottom, then two window popups come up and I click “SKIP” on both. The scan then runs. Once scanning is done a results window pops up to show all 4 categories and it lists the amount that can be cleaned for each category right below the title of that sub category, and on the right the 3 top categories will show a garbage can with an x on it if there is anything to clean and the 4th category for Databases will show a rocket if there is anything to be “optimized”. Down the bottom is a red bar with Run now and below that a total that can be cleaned/optimized. Click on Run now and then follow the on screen prompts. Now run your scan again and all categories should show 0 B deleted or O B gained in the case of Databases optimization. That’s all folks.

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