Question on old issue with tv episodes not updating still not resolved

Back in April when a lot of us had issues with apps not updating new tv issues there was never a way to fix it posted that I could find. I switched to RealDebrid. I just reinstalled Kodi and tried using it w/o RealDebrid and it still is not working. I was wondering if anyone figured out why, and also why does Troypoint recommend apps like Homelander, Crew, and Nightwing if they don’t show new episodes, unless I am the only one still having issue with them. ScrubsV2 is the only one I found that works.
I use Firestick 4K, Nexus, and Surfshark.

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I’m confused, is this with or without Real-debrid? I don’t use the exact addons you mentioned but I know Fen, Umbrella, Ezra, The promise just to mention a few are working great with RD.

I tried using without R/D just to see if they would work. All the new episodes are listed but won’t play. Older episodes still work fine. I plan on still using R/D but was curious if anyone ever figured out what happened in April. I see a lot of other people still having this issue.

Sort of confused by your post and not sure what you mean by “What happened in April” but if you are going to use KODI without Real Debrid you will have a hard time finding consistent working streams

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Sorry for the confusion. Back in the beginning of April it was well documented that a lot of the free apps stopped updating the new episodes of tv shows. The only “fix” I ever saw on sites like Reddit, and here, was that free sites are unreliable, switch to RD, which I did. In April I was using sites like Homelander, Crew, Nightwing, The Promise, all of which stopped updating new episodes as free sites. Out of curiosity I tried all of them today as free sites (no RD) and they still are not updating episodes. Just trying to figure out what happened since many people had/have the same issue. Hard for me to believe that all these sites stopped working at the same time and are still not working. Just try to figure out if it is something in my setup or more widespread. ScrubsV2 is the only one I found that is working.

I have found that sometimes it takes awhile and sometimes they won’t show up at all. I watch a lot of European crime dramas.

I use Firestick 4k, with Kodi/Seren, IPVanish out of Dallas and an old version of Cinema, RD and Trakt.

It is really frustrating when you get hooked on a series and new seasons come out and they show no providers available even though they come up on “guides”

I’m sorry but I have no solution. I have even tried changing my vpn location but to no avail.

Are you saying ScrubsV2 is giving you new episodes?? I never tried that one.

Yes, Scrubs works great! It’s the only free site that I have found that shows new episides.

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I always use Scrubsv2 for TV shows, working with free streams.

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Keep it simple! this reminds me of the old cliche when a patient tells the doctor, “it only hurts when i laught” and the doctor says, “then don’t laugh”. If scrubs is the only one that works, then use scrubs.

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