Question on Buzz TV HD5

Son called today, taking forever to load tv shows movies. Am going down tomorrow, so any thoughts, recommendations will be appreciated.

Sounds like the box may just be sluggish. Not sure what current cleaning habits for it, but would recommend using a utility or utilities to make sure the cache is cleaned, the unused apps are removed, etc etc…

Did that tonight, no change. Just wondering since son is on Kodi 19.3 if we should delete and reinstall Kodi 20.5. Just looking for advice, since in the Crew, it will find the links and not load.

also wondering if real debrid would help this issue?

If it isnt the box overall that is slow and sluggish, but it is the sources, Real Debrid would absolutely help. Many have streamed shows and movies through Kodi Add-ons without premium RD or equivalent, but having it gives you the best, highest quality sources out there. This also means the fastest/highest bitrate and will help buffering and potentially quicker loading. Free sources are what they are and you can get bad ones more often than in a premium package.

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