Quest about VPN

What VPN are people using I have been using IP Vanish but they said they don’t include ad blocker is there anyone you would recommend for me

Surfshark is most popular here but many different ones are used for various reasons.

how much does that one cost

Express VPN

Express VPN (2)

There should be a banner on the bottom Troypoint Insider - Save 82% +4 months free on a 2 year deal

Check out Nordvpn, i like it cause it has all the bells and whistles plus gives high speeds. (Refer a friend, get 3 free months | NordVPN)
if you use this link, like the deal, and sign up, we both get an extra 30 days. This is a referral link, I’m not a reseller or anything like that.

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I am just checking around because my current VPN does not expire till January 20 2024

I still have SS but no longer use it due to its plethora of intermittent issues.

Since I changed to Express, I have had ZERO issues. It’s like the Ron Popeil of VPNs…Set It and Forget It! lol


Interesting - never had any issues with SurfShark.

Does a VPN have a different IP address on each device in household ? If you lock in Miami on each device will the IP be different on each device? Can you keep each device on same IP? Looking to get one in future. Thanks for any help.

I’ll second NordVPN! It works great, has a plethora of servers and countries, and is fast! :sunglasses::call_me_hand:

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The prices some of these vps are really high why do you tell me about ones that are over a hundred dollars for a year that is really expensive

What one is over $100/yr? As for telling you what’s out there if you want something cheap then best to say so or you’ll get suggestions for whatever ppl use and consider the best for them. Usually the pricier ones will have more features and often more server locations as well as the company will own the servers that are actual physical servers and not just virtual servers. So for the vast majority of experienced users it can be about quality before price. If you want free get free.

That’s the one I have. I like it.

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Proton free vpn work’s great!! not as many bells and whistles as paid version but for basic protection can’t be beat!
i use SS and i like it just fine but recommend proton free to my cust that are cash strapped and it does the job

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Mullvad and Proton

I have a question can you use either of these on Amazon Fire Stick 4K Max

I’ve used Proton on 4K Max for almost 2yrs.

Well I know that you can’t install it from the Google Playstore on the Mecool that what I was officially told from Proton Employee but you can get it on Github