Quantum Internet Is here


This is great. Recommended to a country to purchase a QUANTUM COMPUTER to unify data collection for several reasons. Market supply and demand research and development, not to mention the necessity of stopping redundancies but most importantly security. So, this article is great because sharing intel at a faster rate with more data is helpful for everyone everywhere. When one understands this it also ensures more fair markets whereas a market does not have the time edge on another market. Hey I noticed the post where a guy named PAULL asked about protecting his firestick…I remember you are KING with Fire stuff. I found the app and virus total had viruses with them so if you find something it would be great to share with the entire community. I had tried several ways to get set orientation working on my Nvidea TV to use my MALWAREBYTES subscription but nothing works and I tried TECKDOCTOR UK his video and still it does not work on my NVIDEA.

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