PureVPN issue on Firestick


I use PureVPN, it works well on computer, phone etc… but on my Firestick it just causes the stick to lose all WIFI.

Does anyone have experiences similiar to this?

Hi JamJam - I also use Pure VPN with my Firestick 4K but I do not have any problem with its use - still connect to various country settings with the usual drop in speed and very few buffering occasions - my only problem is that I have to do a reboot of the Firestick if I haven’t used it for a wee bit, which is before the VPN kicks in - sorry that it doesn’t help your problem though.

From my research the fix seems to be to try a different protocol. I don’t have this VPN so I can’t test that theory. Give it a go and let us know
Have fun and STREAM ON.

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