Public domain tv shows and movies

When using a 3rd party provider such as Beetv, how does a user know if a tv show or movie is public domain or not so not to get into the legal issues

That is a pretty short list of movies…

This isn’t a FULL list, but gives you an idea of what is in the public domain. There are more in the PD that were from before 1927, but not sure if anyone is looking to stream them lol.

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Any public domain move or show uaslly will end up on legal streaming apps or legal free streaming apps so you dont have to worry about legal issues… But always use a vpn on those apps like beetv to avoid legal issues, its highly talked about here btw.

Check the legal apps first.


Isn’t the mere fact that if you are streaming from an unverified iptv service in itself the violation? The broadcasting station may not own the rights to the movie or show, but they do own the rights tom their signal, correct?

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the way i undderstand the law the actual streaming is in a grey area its not really illegal
selling it charging for it showing for profit is illegal
if it out in the airways you arent going to jail for watching it sell it you just might
at least thats how i understand it

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That’s what I mean. Some company is broadcasting it and then some iptv geek is hijacking the signal info and compiling them into an m3u. Then is sending their m3u code to you for a fee. If the iptv geek was only using his pirated streams for himself and immediate family. I doubt if ACE or any other alphabet agency would give a hoot whether the signal is from a public domain or a live sports event.

In the end it is the greed that takes down most of these unverified services. They get too big and advertise too openly drawing the eyes of ire upon them!

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So basically, almost everything I stream currently (new films/tv shows) has some form of copyright. So if I am subscribed to a certain reputable streaming service I could with some certainty believe that they have the right to their content. Yes/No? (prime. plex, hulu, etc)

Yes. Those high paid low channels subs have paid their fees. Getting like cable. Pay for every channel, cha ching, then sell ad space, cha ching, and of course the monthly fee, chaching chaching cha ching.

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in the end do you really know ? thats why streaming anything found out there for you self isnt illegal per sec its caught in that grey area unless you are making money on it

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3 letters…VPN



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