ProtonMail Removes "We Do Not Keep IP Logs" From Privacy Policy

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It was recently reported that popular email provider ProtonMail has removed “We Do Not Keep IP Logs” from its privacy policy. ProtonMail is an anonymous email provider used by thousands from around the world looking to send email anonymously and securely. This news broke after a French climate activist’s account activity and IP address were…


So, have VPN on before using it? Will that solve the issue?

Thanks for the “Heads-up” When you recommended proton months ago, I jumped on it.
Now with this new revelation, I have deleted all emails and have closed my account. I do and have used ipVanish for years. I know they don’t keep logs so using it while on proton may give you some level of anonymity however that’s what the French dude thought before they decided to go all interpol and the Hague convention on him!
So Swiss privacy laws, yeah right!
Snooki meows “No” on proton yes on guerrilla mail!

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I looked at Tutanola, and their website says the following:

"By default, we do not log IP addresses when you log in or when you send an email. The IP addresses of sent and received emails are stripped so that your location remains unknown.

We only log IP addresses of individual accounts in case of serious criminal acts such as murder, child pornography, robbery, bomb threats and blackmail after being served a valid court order by a German judge. You can find details on this as well as on German data protection rights on our blog."

How is this any different than what ProtonMail is doing? They get a court order, they release the IP info.

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