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What are the advantages of Firestick vs. Firetv?

I have both I don’t know the technical exact specs but the firetv has a faster processor and more memory then the fire stick I run into less buffering problems with the firetv

Thanks. I have that first firetv but I’ve seen that latest Firestick with the TV power switch and volume controls built into the Firestick remote and that seems pretty convenient but I don’t want to add buffering to my streaming experience. Buffering is so frustrating.

@scgolfer I was a long time user of the 2nd Gen Fire TV. A little more powerful than the stick. As Troy states, “…for the money, it is the best device”. Won’t break the bank like other Android boxes. It works great and with tweaking you can make it do almost anything you can think of. A lot of fun!

Will I be able to go directly to a specific channel when watching IPTV shows?