Projectors 4k/HD - good options?

Anyone have info on projectors maybe 100$ or so? Can they be used/set up similar to a firestick or android tv box? Do they allow/have good options on apps, apks, sideloadable?

Projector central website is a great resource. Not sure if the site looks at ones that cheap though. Good luck.

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I wouldn’t bother with a projector with buit in android, once the os is old, less and less apps will work with it. Get a projector with hdmi in, then ya can plug in the latest firestick or android box.


As long as you choose one that has the proper connections. Then you can connect any streaming device and download as normal.

I used to have one that I used every day at work in a very bright classroom and the quality was still pretty good. That was about 15+ years ago before I retired. I gave it to my son, and he used it for all his outdoor parties for watching sports. He seemed to like it just fine.

That projector costs me a bit over $125 bucks 2 decades ago. So, I am not sure what they sell for nowadays.

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