Projectivy Launcher updated

just an fyi to anyone using this launcher. It updated big time yesterday however im not sure how that effects the free version. But it is a major update and im still trying to sort it out :crazy_face:


just an idea on what the devs have done, it appears as tho they have implemented live channels to the launcher. I now have on my screen…stremio, channelsdvr recordings and live, crackle, tubiprime video, emby, watch next<<<this pulls from everything(except tivimate) on your box…errr mostly…and others. Its rather indepth as far as integration goes.

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What’s the version number?

Never n=mind. Went to the Play Store and updated it from there.

I only have the free version for now. Later on I will play around with all the new stuff and then decide if I will buy the premium.

Looks like 4.22. With the changes that Ron described.

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yep its 422, pretty big update, still configuring :joy:

It deleted off my partitions and threw all the apps in one line under TV Apps. The continue show thing is kind of cool though. Pulls my Discovery and Plex shows.

yea its pulling emby and I didnt have my emby running while I was testing channelsdvr, but its pulling them too. Only thing not pulled is tivimate, I need to contact the dev

If you have live channels set up it will pull them also

Is the new update allowing you to create Categories and have it show in the home screen? It lets me create like Favorites, but I cant see it. I feel like it might be a glitch.

ive got my favs working and other catagorys ive made, still cant get the individual channels that says enabled but they dont show on screen, either I havent figured it out or its a bug

if you create a group you then must got say tivi and long press and send it to that group or copy

scuse my typing, im on 3 screens at once :crazy_face:

Yup, the update change almost everything I had set up. Now will have to do it all over again. Not a big deal. Just wish the developer would have made it so the update would keep your settings.

I’ll give the developer credit for doing the update.

Ah yes, im an idiot. You have to move apps to it so it is visible. Ron gets me all straightened around!

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been there, done that earlier today :joy:

Can’t complain about active developers, i guess. At least they are being creative and trying to solve any issues that exist. Better than ones that lie dormant.

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One thing that is nicer…you can “move” or copy the apps to the new category. Before, you had to copy it and delete it from TV Apps if you didnt want it to show twice in 2 different categories.


Thats my issue with Wolf, I love the launcher but no updates, its just dead. I emailed him about being able to pull channels just like the proj guy but he never did anything

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Yea for sure. Wolf is terrific, but no matter how great any software is, you need to be willing to update as things around it change. It could work great until new device updates roll in, you need to be there to patch and maybe even throw some things into Beta.

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Wolf is what it is. There will be no updates for the near future. Although, I still think it is one of the best the way it is.