progTv android TV player

Does anyone know anything about progTV. Its a player similar to tivimate. Someone suggested that I try it because of recording problems.


Tivimate works really well with recording but it takes some time to setup and you need storage along with 2 connections.

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I have 5 connections with a folder set up on a dedicated computer with a 3T hard drive. My problem is that it only records for 1 to 6 minutes then it stops. This doesn’t happen all of the time but enough to make it really annoying. My shield is hard wired to the modem. I have 1G service and it still doesn’t work.

If your iptv service interrupts for any reason. Then this can also cause the recording to stop. Try recording from a more powerful service like some of the ones mention here in the Insider… :mag_right:


I think some providers are bettr at recording than others
(Also i think prog is a mnthly fee)

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@lukgeo I did some recording testing with my TiviMate & even a few seconds of buffering will completely stop the recording…it may be something the developer is aware of or not. I’ve recorded 3.5 hr events before with no problems…but have also had the occasional hour long one give me only a couple of minutes…& my service is generally pretty stable. Evidently, it doesn’t take much of a hiccup to stop it. I’ve seen some mention VLC player…but I’ve never recorded with it. GL2U

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