Problems With TiViMate Companion

Using the latetest Companion, I am unable to ativate new accounts. I already have several premion accounts using different email addresses but Google isn’t allowing me to create a new one (account already exists error)

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TiViMate allows you to use your premium account on up to 5 different devices. Not sure how many premium accounts you have but once the account is regged you don’t really need the companion app, you simply instal TiVi and sign in. The companion app simply keeps track of what devices are connected to the account you logged into. Then in the companion app you can remove what ever devices you are no longer using and “unregister” them so you can free up a slot to add a “new” device.

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Hi Miki, thanks for responding. I actually have 5 different TiViMate accounts (each with 5 devices)
under different email accounts. Well that was before recent changes that now prevent me for adding another premium account using the Companion app and Google Store for payment. It reports “already purchased for a different account” indicating I think different email account, namely the original purchase of premium on the Google store via the Companion App. Previously, I could use the Companion app on an android device, click purchase, enter a new email/password, it took me to the Google Store for payment. Now, you get the error previously mentioned.
Google will only allow purchase one premium version of TiViMate (Lifetime, 5 devices, $25) under
your Google Store account. Using another Google Play account (maybe a family member) on their Android device (??? like an android phone or device) would probably work but thats rediculous.

How many email addresses does your Goggle email account give you? You may have maxed out the total of email accounts you are allowed?

Dunno, just brainstorming a bit.

I sent Armobsoft FZE a request for easier ways of purchasing the premium TiViMate but havent received a response yet. Countless number of people have wasted time trying to purchase TiViMate recently without sucess. Google Play Store isn’t a satisfacory the method when there are so many Fire Stick users out there. Many people need more than 5 devices, in my case, I have setup sticks for family members and close friends, our beach house, etc., for folks that don’t know how, no charge (except for the streaming services). I’m going to check out OTT Navigator which is simular to TiViMate and free (:


Here’s one I have. I hardly ever use it, but it is pretty good and is optimized for tablets and phones. Whereas Tivimate is not without jumping through a few hoops to get everything set up. I don’t have it on my Nvidias but am certain it would work there, too.

Televizo - IPTV player - Apps on Google Play


The easy way to get around that is to sign out of your google account on your phone, have a friends account login, go to the google account login page and then you can log into their account and get a whole new set of logins. That’s what I do. Especially for my iPhone customers.


Yes its a nice app that I like, its not completely free. Premium is needed for all features and there is no one time payment. It is a recurring charge and I would advise against getting locked in to something like that.


I believe your ip is being logged along with google accounts.

Googles has made some changes. Change ip adress, clear cache and data.

Also why do you need 25 accounts… are you trying to sell accounts to people already bought? If so this could be why.

Thanks Powerfader, but I only use the streams on TV.

Hi TP-Dracoo, thanks for the response. I can turn on my VPN, that would change my IP. Are you refering to clearing the cashe and data on my Fire Stick? I peridioically clear the cashe and reboot my cable modem but have’nt cleared the Data. Anyway, I can give those a try. Actually I have tried with my PC using Blue Stacks X using the dev’s app from the Google Store, but getting the same error. Been busy doing other things, but can’t get this issue out of my mind!

Reference so many accounts, I don’t sell accounts or make any profit. There are two widows (close friends) I have setup sticks for originally and they have 5 Fire Sticks between them. I only charge anyone the cost of the stick, I install TiViMate and set it up with two services and we share the cost of those. I also usually add other free apps along with a debrid servive which the pay for (IP address are different, of course). All this expanded to our relatives, our beach house, etc. It’s more of a hobby and and an interest in helping people :slight_smile: Bottom line is the TiViMate dev is in business and logically why would he start limiting each customer to one premium acount? The limit shoud be 5 devices per account! Cheers! Happy holidays :slight_smile:


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