Problems with

anyone having any trouble with this App. It wanted to update but when I clicked on it
and then OK it would not do anything, finally deleted it but now I can’t find the app


Livenet tv on troypoint 403 forbidden

Just looked at it’s on Google play store


It went down hill months ago when Amazon got their fingers in it and made their livenettv for FireTV. No more live events and it’s glitchy. So like you Deleted it and never looked back.

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I was adding it to my FireStick as in TP video yesterday and no luck at all.


If you have Nord VPN then you can watch all the channels on ustvgo and ustv247 in the Silk browser on the Firestick. If you have Surfshark you will be able to get the majority of channels but not all You can install both stand alone apps but for me I had to use my mini keyboard to navigate and use the apps effectively.

I had no idea that livenet was still around :thinking:

Ive had a version on my km2 for a while, dont even remember what version…it works fine when we use it, but thats seldom anymore…

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sorry go ahead and lock or close it out.

I opened the Livenet apk . The channels are working good for me .

you will get it in the unlinked app

its in APKTIME app, under “top apks”.

Are you saying that if I had Nord VPN, when I use my Firestick “Silk” app, it would find and I would be able to load it onto my Firestick, OR Are you saying that once I have USTVGO on my Firestick I can watch all the channels with NordVPN but not with surfsharkVPN?

I ask because I can’t get to the website USTVGO.TV to install like TroyPoint does in the video.

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Sorry thats Dracoo’s job to close it out!:sunglasses::sunglasses:

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On the firestick. Open your silk browser > blue square with Amazon smile and word “internet” on it, then in the url line type in and then hit enter or go and then with Nord you should be able to watch every channel and with other VPNs, including Surfshark, you will be able to watch some, not all, of the channels you select.


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