Problems with JIO pages

Ok so downloaded Jio on my Shield pro and installed it reset the shield and open Jio and it always kicks me back out to my home page any suggestions ?

Jio has been buggy since its launch and ive deleted it. I ve had better luck with the opera browser however you will need to sideload it and use an airmouse at times or dl Troypoints copy of mouse toggle.

Jio froze up my entire Shield Pro and started selecting random buttons like it had a mind of its own. One of the scariest experiences I have had in cord cutting. All of this went away with the uninstall of Jio. Didnt bother trying to find out why or if they fixed it.

I had a similar problem on my KM6. I shut it all down for a minute or so hoping to release stuff in memory. Not sure exactly what happened but the issue went away for me.

tried JioPages a couple of times and always had issues. Finally gave up on them and uninstalled. I use TVBro now. Much better and more reliable. imho