Problems with Cinema

Anyone having problems with Cinema not playing? I watched yesterday (19 Dec) for hours without any problems. However, tonight, whenever I select a source (Real-Debrid link), I get the following error message “responseAddmagnet Error: 403”.

Cinema has played near flawlessly for nearly a year, and it’s been a definite plus during the pandemic. I wonder if this has to do with the upgrade that Amazon is apparently pushing to Firesticks out there! Anyway, if anyone knows what’s up, please clue me in!

Ah, it appears that this is a Real-Debrid issue. Just tried playing a non RD link and it plays the way it should! Hopefully, RD will get the problem resolved in short order!

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Sorry, Crew! Seems the root of the problem was me! My subscription had expired (wish I had gotten some sort of notification, but, oh well!).