Problem with superman build on kodi

Hi . Having installed the superman build on kodi , I’m having trouble with it. It will run ok for a few minutes but then it stops and returns to the Firestick screen . I’ve reset Firestick , reinstalled Kodi 20 but it still doesn’t work properly.
Any help would be appreciated.

Uninstall the build, install Kodi 20 from the Toolbox and install a couple add-ons. Report back if that works. Not to sound like a broken record, but this seems to be a problem with using a streaming stick to install a large build. I know it is technically possible, but I would get a real device if you plan on having or needing a full build. Let us know if Kodi 20 and an addon works and we can try to help you from there.

Many thanks. I may try a so called lite build as I like watching sports and movies alike.

Not a solution but sometimes the actual fire stick inserted in HDM port not seated or loose ,some fire sticks hang from port. I had a TIVO unit very heavy
Taped it to back of tv but many tv have ribbed backs tape falls loose.