Problem with ITV3 on Livenettv

I have installed Livenettv but cannot get rid of background commentary on ITV3. Is this common or is it a problem with how I installed it?

Its the stream. Pick a different and see if it happens on all of them.

On my LiveNetTv there is only one stream for ITV3. I viewed it just now - no background noise but too much buffering, which I don’t get on say CNN

There is only one stream so no choice. I presume then that it is endemic of the app?

No buffering or only occasionally and no noise, just audible commentary all the way through on all programmes on ITV3 only, drives me mad !

For ITV3 there is only 1 stream, which I guess is down to where the app scrapes it from, but other channels I have watched have 3 or 7 streams. I watched ITV3 again and no buffering this time. I am perplexed at the background commentary you describe - no trace on my system. I have my NordVPN pointed at a U.K. server. I can’t think why it should make a difference but it might be worth switching your vpn to a different server.

Unfortunately, I am only visiting my daughter in Spain and don’t have a VPN.

Do you not have a VPN subscription? If you do then just install it on your device login and set it up. You can use your VPN worldwide and choose a server wherever you like.

After several poblems with deleting the app and then reloading it onto the Firestick, I have now succeeded and amazingly the background commentary has disappeared. Cannot explain it but everything is ok now.

Thanks everyone that tried to help me.


Glad this was resolved for you.

If you keep having issues, try the TVMOB apk. Similar to LivenetTV but appears to use different scrapers and, I suspect, different sources.