Problem with a new Fire TV 4K

Seems like my older Fire TV 4K remote died, so I grabbed a new Fire TV 4K and installed almost everything plus expanded storage. Then it happened, the screen went black and on the bottom right it said loading. Hours went by and still loading. I tried holding down the select button with the play/pause button which shut the device down. I restarted it and still loading.

Does anyone have any sage advice? I ordered two additional FIRE TV’s 4K yesterday. Should I have purchased the Fire TV 4K + instead of the 4K??? Sorry about all the dumb-ass questions, I am far from computer savvy ;-( Thank You for your time and advice.

Hello @Anonymous I would first suggest plugging it into a different TV to rule out anything wrong with the HDMI port on your television. Or, anything else with your TV.

Will do as directed. Thanks, Troy!

Just a thought anytime you get a new device ensure that all updates are loaded before you try installing/side load APKs. I’ve had all kind of weird stuff happening if the stick is trying to load updates in the background?? Just a thought. If now success factory reset and then start again.

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Thanks Geoff. I appreciate your response!