Problem using Xenon free 2.3 build

Hi All ,I am using Xenon free 2.3 build and noticed longer than a month any show i want to watch for example Shogun ,Halo fallout and Real time i have watched 3 to 4 episode of some of them but now there is only few providers and they never get open to be able to watch any of the them what i have noticed there is few providers and most of them fallows by Rabbit stream some like or fallows by Rabbit stream and they never get open every body who uses the same build have the same problem or i have to do something to fix it? Thanks

Free results will always be limited. That build is outdated as well.

If you want you can update to Kodi 21 and try the Xenon Free 3.0. It may have more/better results. I dont use it but use the Debrid version instead.

Be aware. Once you update kodi and Chef Omega Wizard you wont be able to go back to the Nexus Wizard. It isn’t available anymore. You should be able to back up your current build but I cant say if it will work with K21.

You can also get a Debrid subscription but thats up to you to decide.

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You mean Kodi 21 omega right?

Yes Kodi 21 is Omega. Chef Omega wizard is what you need to download the build.

There are threads on TP already explaining how you download it.

Go to Downloader and get Kodi 21. Hopefully everything automatically updates for you afterwards.

JPM69, do i have to delete the build i have first before downloading 21 ? Thanks

No. Try to update with the build. Some people have had success and some have needed to reinstall after the update.

The worst that can happen is you will need to reinstall.

If it goes well you will have the Omega wizard and follow the prompts on screen.

Here is a testimonial about what should happen. Any problems please go to this thread as people there should be able to help.

I guess it did not go well all the way, i downloaded omega 21 after that when i checked the installed apps it says Kodi 21 also when i opened the kodi the first run it shows 21 omega but after that i see the last builds info(Xenon free v2.30, I did not see Omega Wizard to pop up or open i still see chef nexus wizard now what i do?

Did you try to open the nexus wizard? It may prompt you from there. I updated before the final kodi 21 was released and i dont remember.

You can also go to the other thread and ask there.

which thread would you suggest?

Did you see the post above? I put the post there so you can find the Omega thread for Diggz builds. I can’t hold your hand.