Privacy of our Data

I know everyone on here know that our privacy just keeps getting worse by the day. I just ran across this:


Walmart tracks everything by credit card and puts it on a list for you. I kind of like it but security conscious I wonder what’s up with that. I remember I did a Google search for a set of front tires from a rider mower, within a week I had a set of tires advertised from home Depot and Walmart and, Walmart was half price so I bought them!. Good consumer or bad marketing concept?

I do Google and Google Lens searches all the time. My VPN is always on when using google. How are you seeing the ads?

Lol, I’m in need of a set of tires myself. They are so expense these days.

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Both Walmart and home Depot send me emails with tires advertised on them.

Wow, I have never received ad emails on items I googled.

That’s because I signed you up for those emails! :rofl:

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