Pre paid Vanilla credit card?

I would like some info about using a Vanilla pre paid credit card to get a IPTV service . When using them to stay safe for IPTV do you use a fake name and address to get the service ?

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How about your email address . If you add a fake address wont they use it to send a receipt ?

Make a dummy or burner email address.

A lot of places are not letting you do that anymore . Places I have done that in the past are no accepting them anymore tried just recently. That’s the way I always paid for everything :sob:

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I use an email address that I only use for iptv stuff. Proton mail is a good service to use. Just don’t use your name or any other identifiable information in the address.

Bottom line, if they want you, aka: iptv police, they will find you one way or another. Having an email address that is more or less camouflaged will make prying eyes less likely to go through the hassle.

In fact, I have one iptv service that sends stuff that my email can’t un-encrypt. So, when I do get something from them, I forward that email to another email address to be able to read it.

Another thing is have as little communication with your iptv service as possible via emails. Use their ticket system to communicate, or their chats if they have any.

I now do 6-12 month subs for this very reason. That way I only have to contact them 1-2 times a year.


Do you use the free or the paid Proton email ?

No disrespect to anyone but all the major anti virus and password services has all been hacked Norton, last pass Google the list goes on and on that’s just since 2020 so honestly unless you live off the grid we have all been hacked and had info leaked whether it was a membership award account with a retail store or whatever only secure thing right now is crypto and only people that know how actually secure their data and info without living off the grid are highly skilled cyber security experts. Since 2020 it’s been world record breaking number of cyber crime and hacks

That shouldn’t stop us from learning and trying to take extra steps to try and be safe as possible. You can tell that Troy is very big on the security side of things. Nothing is 100% secure, nothing. But it makes me feel better that I know more and try harder than most people to keep myself and family safe and anonymous.

I get that but the way the world is now most on this app doesn’t have the skills to really be anonymous unless they were actually apart of the group Anonymous lol :joy: but I’m glad y’all think the things y’all do on here actually keeps y’all anonymous that’s cute because as paranoid as y’all are if y’all knew how unsecured your info is half of y’all would drop dead from a stroke or heart attack.

Now that you have bashed on everyone here, I think it would be a nice gesture if you would teach us all that you know so that we are all experts.


I’m realistic I’m not thinking that the things y’all talk about on here make a difference. No such thing as anonymous or hiding only way to do that is get offline off the grid. Not saying anything wrong tech is so advanced now average users don’t know how to safely use and navigate it. Using crypto only anonymous payment method anything else is no different than using your debit or credit card

Well shucks, y’all.
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I use Privacy

They offer 12 throwaway 1 time use only debit/credit cards a month


What do you do when they ask for your email address ?

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Setup a Proton e-mail account under a different name.

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Do you mean when filling out the subscription when paying for Proton inter a fake name .

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