Powerline Adapter & Adding Memory to Firestick

I’m waiting on a cable but going to try a TP Link Powerline adapter hoping that it helps in my buffering. I wanted to know if I could increase storage using the Amazon ethernet adapter which is required for the Powerline adapter as well on my Firestick?


Welcome to our community. Please look around as this site has videos and info on both powerline adapters and storage for FS.

Buffering there is alot of variance to it. My suggestion would be to trouble shoot.

Vpns on/off buffer differences?
Closest server?
Down speed and up speed enough?
Hardwired or wifi?
Bandwidth allocation?
Isp throttle?

Plus more.

It could simply be just your iptv provider that’s buffering.

If vod apps are buffering do some research.

Buffering info

Alot to look at in this link. Lots of guides.

Thanks, I’ve done those things and more even clearing the cache before testing speeds using different VPN locations. I’m just going to try this Powerline and see if it helps or not. But since I had to buy the Firestick adapter, I was curious if there was a way of adding storage on the Firestick at the same time.


If your down speed is above 30 down and you buffer you didn’t do everything.

The powerling adapter is cool but it’s more of an extension of wired internet going through the plugs. That won’t solve your buffering if you don’t know what’s causing it.

The first thing to do is test a wired vs wifi connection without vpn.

I’m trying to say this before you spend money on something that may or may not solve this.

I tried power line adapters from Netgear and found the speed topped out at about 80-85 Mb/s. While you only really need 25 Mb/s for 4k, I was still getting a lot of buffering, probably because of all of the other stuff on the home network. You may want to see if you can get any early “Black Friday” deals on a wifi mesh system, or maybe consider upgrading to one of the new WiFi 6 mesh systems if you have gig speed and equipment that will work (Firestick 4k Max) with it.
I’m writing my letter to Santa right now and that’s on the top of my list!
Good luck!

I have tested the speed with and without the VPN. During the testing I just found out my 200mbs download is only 100mbs. I have scheduled the Spectrum tech out for Saturday morning. I watched a movie tonight with no buffering and had the VPN on. I honestly think it’s the Streaming Company. Thanks for your valuable advice.

I use a Y adapter & a UGreen. On it I run a 32GB Samsung 3.1 usb flash drive, a bluetooth mouse.
I have almost every program located on the USB drive. I have DeBloated the proprietary Amazon processes & Apps which I did not use mainly Screensaver, Music, Freetime, News, Photo’s & disabled the Update.
My 5.0GHz wifi is faster by far than the ethernet port which on a 4K Firestick is limited to 10/100. On IPVanish my download is 175MB/s clocked tonite.
1 subtle trick to eliminate buffering is use an App Background Apps & Processes List. Close all apps you are not currently using.
The only buffering I have now is slow overloaded servers. I also never stream above 720.


I’m with you. I only stream 720 but thankfully my Samsung Upscales so my viewing is amazing. I always leave 2GB of space on the stick. I use ESFileExplorer to remove any leftover APKs from app testing. I have Wolf loader and at one time I used the Debloater tool but stopped using it as I never could find a detailed tutorial explaining what processes to disable and why. I’m still looking. Maybe there is one now.


Lets say I assisted with the development of the DeBloater tools. Personally I NEVER click on anything that breaks Prime Video (I have subscription used for deliveries video is a bonus). Of the 93 available inthe 4th version, I also watch IMBD TV, I have 69 boxes checked out of 93 & there is a decent explanation. Remember if you click on a service such as News, use Alexa or such this will come back active.
My 80" TV is older & a quality set but does not upscale. Am waiting on a 100" set or close to that size to be less than $10k for a not Walmart version.


Ya that’s my issue. No real explanation. I know enough, after over 30 yrs, that you just don’t go clicking boxs willy nilly unless you know what they do, or won’t do.


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