Popup on firestick for com.amazon.adep

Just updated 1st gen? ( gen before the current gen) 4kmax to 3894. And now I am getting a repeating popup containing showing on the screen overlaying everything. Popup is as follows: “java.lang.SecurityException: Cannot clear data for a protected package: com.amazon.adep”.
Note: I am running laucher manager with the adb command and also using launch on boot for wolf launcher. Wolf launcher is working great launches on device reboot and responds to the home key about 85%? Of the time.
Does anyone have any idea how to get rid of this popup? It appears about every 10 seconds and is very annoying.

Answered my own topic: removed adb command in launcher manager that allows launcher manager to work ( defeating amazon stopping launcher manager) that adb command was causing the notification.

Hi, I have the same issue with the message, driving me cranky too.
If I delete the adb command does the Wolf Launcher still work?

Pete: Answering your question: If I delete the adb command does the Wolf Launcher still work? Answer: IT depends on what you mean by work - see update below:

Update: It is critical that Launcher Manager be updated to 1.1.9 for Firestick BEFORE you remove the ABD command.
Removing the ABD command on 1.1.9 results in the pop-up being removed and Wolf Launcher works well with both Launch on Boot and Launcher manager. ( home key activation works about 80% to 90% of the time)

However if you are running Launcher Manager 1.1.8 and you remove the ABD command, after a couple of hours the Amazon OS blocks all access and operation to Launcher manager. Wolf Launcher continues to work with Launch on Boot. However the Amazon OS had blocked Launcher manager 1.1.8 so thoroughly all that functionality disappeared. Fixed by installing Launcher manger 1.1.9 over top of everything. Everything running normally for about 3 days.

I run two Gen 1 Firestick 4Kmax in my bedroom and Living room. One was updated to Launcher manager 1.1.9 and the other was still running 1.1.8.