Pluto TV Install Failure Issues On Fire TV Stick

Right now, I’m having a major problem. The Pluto TV app on my Amazon Fire Stick was working fine until Thursday night when I got a popup saying there was an update for it. When I went to download and install that update, it gave me the Install Failure message. I didn’t know what the problem is and ended up uninstalling the Pluto TV app and reinstalling it to see if that would fix it, but it still was giving me the same Install Failure message. I then tried to restart my Amazon Fire Stick, but I still got the same Install Failure message.

So I decided to call the Amazon Fulfillment Center number to get help on this problem at this point. The person that I had spoken with last night had me go through the steps of clearing the cache on my Amazon Fire Stick and when that didn’t work, they had me do a factory reset of it. After all of that, I was still getting the Install Failure message and they told me they needed to do some further research on the issue. They told me they are going to be calling back at 3:30 PM EST yesterday which they didn’t, so I called the number again and spoke to someone else instead.

I told them all of this and the one who was supposed to be calling me back at 3:30 PM EST and they didn’t. They had me check the list of apps to see if I had Pluto TV, but I didn’t and trying to install it again is still giving me the same Install Failure message. They told me that I needed to go to support(dot)pluto(dot)tv and get help there. Right after I got off the phone with them, I went there and sent a message to Pluto TV Support that explains all of this to see if I can get an answer from them.

I did get an email that gave me a ticket number of it, but now when I try to follow the link to go to that ticket number to see if there is any update on it, it tells me “The page you were looking for doesn’t exist” which makes me wonder what had happened to it. If anyone here has any ideas on how to help me at this point, please let me know, thanks.

Same issue here. Why Amazon is letting this issue go on is beyond me. Hopefully someone will come up with a solution soon…

I’m unable to download Pluto from the Google Play Store too. I’m getting an error message that says my device (Nvidia Shield tube) isn’t compatible with this version.


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Use the troypoint app with unlinked password 12341234 and re download the app.

Uninstall Pluto first, go through the steps for unknown device and use unlinked try again.

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The library 12341234 isn’t working. Every app I try to download stops with an exclamation point.


That password does work.

When you enter it in wait a few moments.

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I’ll try again. Thanks much.