Plug for Surfshark

Last week I switched my VPN service to Surfshark because of a great deal. I have been having problems with SS and the VPN before it, however, with a daily 5 AM recording on TiviMate. Sometimes it records, other times I get 1-5 minutes of a corrupted recording, I know it means my wifi or VPN cut out, but why? A couple of days ago, the folks at SS checked in to find out how I was doing? That was a surprise. For the past several days they have been working with me to fix the problem–sending me detailed step-by-step instructions for what to do. I will find out tomorrow if the problem is fixed. But I am writing to tell everyone at how responsive and helpful the SS staff are. In addition to paying $2.29/mos for 26 months, I have this great service! I have no doubt they will solve the problem that no one has been able to solve in Telegram with either TiviMate or my IPTV.


Back when I started using them I would go to their web site and click on the chat program for questions(mostly about linux issues)… normally I despise these types of communications but with surfshark there was always someone there with answers or would get back to me asap. Great service and glad you like it as well. :+1:


Hey dena…if your problem isn’t resolved by your new friends @ SS…bring it back up & we’ll bat it around (lots of Tivimate users here) in case it isn’t a VPN/wifi problem. :cowboy_hat_face:

Good to know! Thanks! I’ll find out tomorrow.

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Agree! They had me up and running in no time when I installed my SS on a Linux laptop for the first time. The customer service is the best I’ve used for any product or service.

Pretty sure they will stay with you until it’s resolved. Even if they discover it’s not entirely a SS issue, they will try to help out.

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