Plex issue with VPN

I have installed Plex on a Mac with a Firestick client and I use a Tenda Nova x 3 mesh to extend the Wi-Fi range. I installed Plex without my Expressvpn switched on and overcame a double NAT problem by switching the Nova to Bridge mode (my ISP router doesn’t allow that).
This allowed Remote Access to be enabled. However when I switch the VPN on RA is disabled and this is not fixed by split tunnelling.
Plex guidance suggests quite a bit of fiddling with various things which I’m reluctant (and not very competent) to do. So I have some questions.

  • is there anything that can be done within the vpn to overcome this problem?
  • does remote access simply allow Plex to accessed outside my private network? I have no real need to used it outside my home and it seems to work ok with RA disabled. Will this cause any problems I am not aware of?
  • If I decided that I wanted RA for a specific reason I could turn the vpn off for the period I was away. As no one else would be using the Mac would this expose me to risk?

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