Plex client video green tint

Playing a 720p x264 mp4 video from Plex server on pc to Plex client on firestick 4k is total green tint. All settings on both server and client are default from uninstalls and installs of the apps. Before the uninstalls/installs, I tried different transcode settings on the server and video settings on the client. No good. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.


Did you update your plex? This is strange i see others with this issue but it seems to be with mkv files.

Try going into your settings and turing off new player.

Hi, Dracoo. Yes, Plex server and client are both up to date. Yes, these are .mkv files. I use XMedia Recode to convert (I use the “copy” function as the “convert” function takes hours) the files to .mp4. They play perfectly on the server. On the Firestick client, if I select “play original quality” it’s green but the playback does not speed up or skip. If I select the “convert automatically” 720P 9.9Mbps the color is perfect but it speeds up and skips forward. “Try going into your settings and turing off new player.” - this option does not appear anywhere in Settings of the client app. Screenshot from 3/7/20:
Not on my version. Any additional thoughts? thanks again.

Looks like this option does not exist anymore:

All fixed - I’m using Plex on Kodi and everything .mkv or .mp4 plays perfectly. Color and speed all good. Still don’t know wtf is wrong with the Plex client.



Im sorry i couldnt be more help. I just know mkv and dolby vision files do this. It depends on your hardware decoder. Glad you have it working.