Plex booting me out

I use plex on my firestick to connect to my friend’s plex server. As of a few days ago as soon as I click on it, it goes black for a second then kicks me back to the firestick home screen.

I heard it had auto updated to a new version that has problems. Anyone else experiencing this? When do you guess they will release a fixed version?

I do not understand Plex. Why is it a good thing? Why use it?

Thats an off topic question… you should be reading plex on troypoints website, he explains it.

Sometimes people set up a plex server and save things other people would want to watch. The interface is similar to any of the streaming apk’s like Cinema HD, but if it is shown on the server, you click on it and watch it, no selecting the best stream or anything like that.

Well you do need to download a “good” copy so really you have to choose a quality stream the first time you record it, not much different.

I guess. My friend seems to only have 1080p stuff and lots of it. He probably has all sorts of headaches setting it up, but for me it is click and watch.

For me as well. Simple click and play but I never download anything or use any plex or other server. I wouldn’t know where to begin.

You might ask your friend if hes changed anything. I know ive been working with an emby server and do pretty good job messing it up all by myself :grimacing: :upside_down_face:

This is before I connect to anything, or even look at a server.

Several things could be happening.
On your end, is Plex loading OK and showing their free channels? Or is your problem only when you try to log onto your friend’s server?
Also, are you using your own Plex account on your Plex app or his account on your Plex app?

On your friend’s end…
Is his server turned on?
If you are using your own account, did he revoke your invitation to view his server?
Did he change the default portal? (He may have had to.)
There’s a chance that his server had to undergo an update or that he had to change things around on his server.

As soon as I click on the plex icon on the firestick “home screen”, it looks like it tries to open then kicks me back to the firestick homescreen.

Not relevant, but I’m using my own login on his server, which he has approved.

I didn’t read your second post carefully enough, HK. Sorry about that :relieved:

Did you try uninstalling Plex and then reinstalling the app?