Plex becomes world’s largest free live channel streaming service


Reminds me a bit of other offerings we get via Google, Samsung etc: “add 800 free channels…”. Mostly eye-candy, but I did find the PickleBall Channel in Sports (will be at US Open Pickleball this weekend), which made my day. A good EPG, easy to navigate. No buffering yet.

If it’s like most of the others, it may have 1 channel of interest to me (out of the thousands of channels offered for the privilege of watching endless ads)!

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For real! Instead of FAST, it should be just FA…Free Ads :roll_eyes:

These mainstream free channel apps are complete sh!t. Terrible and out of all of them not even 10 channels showing anything relevant. Just a marketing scheme to get people to use apps and watch ads. I’ll go with any of the top third party apps any day-no ads and lots of premium channels, not a bunch of fluff BS just to make it seem like they are actually offering you decent content.

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