Plenty of Cinema RD Links But Streamless

Recently Cinema stopped streaming despite many RD links. Every link gets the popup “no streams available.” I have not tried deleting and redownloading, thinking this was temporary. Any insights?


Why concern yourself with it. Uninstall that albatross and install Stremio. It’s free, better, and offer more features.

Either spend your time researching fixes for issue, or spend your time viewing content. Your choice…choose wisely.

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Stremio - Freedom to Stream

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My brain does not comprehend how Stremio work. I just loaded OnStream and that was as easy as eating sweet potatoe pie.

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onstream is so easy to use and works well i also use cinema version 2.5.2 no RD all works with no problems


In the end, that’s all that counts. Use what is easiest and effective to view what you want.

The end result is watching and enjoying the programs no matter which vehicle you use to do so.

Stremio is super simple to set up, but you got me curious about this ‘OnStream’ app.

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you should try it just click and play no looking for streams

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Ok, I downloaded it from this site since the Play Store doesn’t carry it. OnStream - Streaming App for free Movies and TV Shows!

It was simple to download and experienced no issues doing so. It states that no registration is needed, but is there any advantage in doing so?

I am currently testing it out with this movie, “In the Land of Saints and Sinners”. Picture and sound seem good enough and so far, the movie is playing without any issues. Subtitles seem to function properly. The search function works, but there is NO voice search! Typing in a title is a PITA. The FW/RW feature works, but the pics in the frames do not appear. They are blank making it difficult to go to a specific frame. The 'History" feature seems to work as it should. I even tested out recording about 5 minutes of the movie using the Shield record feature and it played without issue using MX Pro.

Also, I did join their Telegram group to aid me with any issues or research I may need.

Summary: This app shows some promise. Curious as to what added benefit there is to registering? So far it seems to be a very simple app with little settings to configure. Pretty much straight forward and simple click and play. The use of my vpn was not an issue, either.

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i didnt register either i think the only advantage is you get a full page of movies or tv but i just use the search facility

No voice search is a bummer. I hope they address that soon.

maybe it will come its still fairly new app :+1:

I regged so long ago and never use the app, but if I remember correctly, it allows you to track your history.

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LOL…funny you should say that. My mind is getting worn out. I apparently had this app many moons ago and forgot about it. Apparently, I did indeed register.

I decided I would register now to see what more it offered and when I tried a pop-up stated my email was already in use. So, I decided to try and just sign in and see, lo and behold it opened. lol

But you are right. Registering only lets you Add To My List. Nothing of significant value to merit giving up your email address.

Now I can’t remember why I uninstalled it. I must have thought I really have no need for it. Especially since I already have Syncler+ and Stremio.

Although, this OnStream app is really simple to use. Just click and play. For those that don’t want to mess with stuff. This app is suited for that type of clientele.

yes so many apps i lose track to but it a nice little app if you havent got time to experiment with others dream for people who are just starting


Lol. I did the same thing. I just have it as a backup and never log into it. My e:mail is in the wild, I’m sure, and sites sell user e:mail data bases for a good chunk of change, especially once you get over the 50,000 users. :face_with_spiral_eyes: :confounded:


Make sure u’r paid up!

Folks keep saying Streamio is free…I don’t see where streaming is free.
I see it has a 30 TRIAL period after which there is a monthly fee.

Not Streamio it’s Stremio. Two different things.


Exactly the same experience with Cinema HD with RD. Unquestionably the ONLY app you need on a FS is Stremio … when used with RD/Torrentio. PERIOD! I don’t even visit KODI with all the fun I had installing the best of addons.

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OnStream works well for those who are just learning this hobby or need more simplicity.