Please stop recommending Exodus Redux for Kodi 19

Every time I read the latest best Kodi add-ons, you guys have the Exodus Redux listed. It does not work on Kodi Matrix. You can install the zip file but when you go to the repository all you get is “Add-on repository”. There is NO video add-on choice. Not only that but it appears that Kodi automatically updated my 0.0.8 zip file to 0.0.9.

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Thats because it works on 18.9 and it even says that on the website. Read it before posting this

Does not work above 18.9 Leia


Like Dracoo said. always specifies which version of Kodi the addon is recommended for. There are people still using 18.9 so Troy being the nice guy that he is will recommend addons for that version as well. Cheers :beers:
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