Please help me remember!

Not sure if I was dreaming or what but, last week I swore I was reading a Troypoint Insider email article about a new(er) app like Tivimate that people are liking more than Tivimate. The article even provided instructions on how to install it. I’m going crazy looking! I’ve looked at everything I can get my hands on and scoured the Troypoint website and I cannot find it!

Can someone point me in the right direction so I can stop pulling my hair out?

Thank you!

News to me, havent seen a better player yet. You might be talking about the buztv app weve been discussing.

there is nothing better than tivimate that I know of.


Thank you, Ron. I’ll check it out tonight.

There isnt any, we where talking about buzztv which is only on buzz boxes.

Tivimate is your best bet.