PlayOn Free DVR and thetvapp

Do any of the great minds on this site have an idea or a way of how to use
PlayON’s new free DVR on a PC/Laptop and using theTVapp as a source?
To record whatever is offered there and play back however you want.
Thanks for any work or ideas on this.

It would help if we knew what OS was on the PC or laptop, including the make and model of the device and OS version.

Windows 11, HP laptop.

Record Streaming Video | Watch Streaming TV Offline On Your TV, Phone or Tablet (

Yes, read all that, but not having ever used PlayON, the question is:
Is there a way to enter ANY url for a streaming site instead of using the pre-selected
sources lie Netflix, Prime, etc.
So somehow, a way to enter as a source, then select a Movie or Golf match
to record.

As this appears to be an Android app, win 11 is capable of installing android apps. Just have to read up on how. As far as adding sources into that app I would have to buy it and see how sources are loaded.

This is the FREE Home version I’m talking about.

Free users get unlimited standard-def recordings, while the paid version gets boosted to 1080p.
There is a Windows version.
To start using PlayOn, you’ll need to create an account, then install the free PlayOn Home app for Windows.

I am just wondering if there is a way to hack one of the listed sources like Pluto whish does not need credentials, to re-direct to
Here’s their list of pre-selected channels

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Can you add/install apps on that app? If so. then download a browser app such as TVBro. The you can save TheTVApp to your favorites and maybe even create an app you can place on that home screen. dunno, jus thunkin out loud.

I have now installed the free windows app.
I do not see a way to enter a url for any fideo-stream site like
You must select from their list.

Well, unless you there is a browser on that thing. Then you are sol with TheTVApp. I used to have a TheTVApp m3u, but it is gone now. I looked high and low for another m3u, but never could find one. Kodi had an addon, but it seems to always have issues.

The free version works to create SD recording. You can use free PLEX to watch the recorded result anywhere in the house. The problem is that some of the “channels” in PLAYON do not work for the free version. Like YouTube can not be recorded for free in SD.

Would like a discussion about which channels will work for free?