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Has anyone found a real debrid app that plays Dolby vision links all the apps that can pull Dolby vision links I have used it doesn’t play it stops a lot nothing plays through. HDR UHD plays fine. Only thing I found is syncler will play it but say I have to pause it and resume it won’t play correctly I’ll have to restart from beginning to have it play all the way through without it stopping.

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I’m playing a 4k source on Syncler that shows Dolby Vision. It plays great. Assuming all of your hardware support it and everything? Maybe the quality of the link is no good? I have Orion too, and this one I’m watching is an Orion link that shows DV.

What Is HDR (High Dynamic Range)? | PCMag

I don’t think Kodi officially supports it yet. However, there are some nightly builds that do. Just know that they can be a little buggy. I would use a fork and run two instances of Kodi for that reason. Maven’s build is the one I have had success with. It can be found on Kodinerds.

Once you have that all sorted out, you’ll need to find an addon that labeles the files as such. You can find DV files in the crew, but they won’t be labeled. It’s trial and error with the crew. However, Seren does label them in search results.

And this goes without saying, but make sure all your devices are capable of playing DV content. Your TV may be able to, but do you have an AVR that your streaming device is plugged into? If so, your AVR needs to be able to pass through the video.

I have Nvidia shield pro and QLED OMNI Fire tv thought that would play Dolby vision it’s labeled on the tv box guess Amazon TV’s are just as cheap and raggedy as the firesticks

It should support Dolby Vision then. Syncler is going to be a better option than Kodi if that’s really important to you. Dolby is proprietary. Kodi would have to pay them in order to officially support it. It’s just like Netflix and others. Because Kodi is free and open source I don’t think it will ever be officially supported.

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