Playback problems

Hi all merry merry, I’m new to the community and just wanted to see if I could get a little help.

I run kodi 19.3 on a 4k stick with RD. I ditched the builds for the past few months and decided to only add the bare bones apks I use most (mad titan sports) (seren) and (the crew).

they’re working great for movies and shows, but I can’t replay any of the above apks sports offerings. I just keep getting the error playback failed pop-up over and over. I had the same issues sometimes with the complete builds i used in the past, but nothing like this. am I missing a key setting or something? I’ve cleared the cache, uninstalled/installed again and still the same results. any help or suggestions is much appreciated.

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@scrooged1 l’m fairly new with all this but I have same issues with the crew when watching sports.One day it will work fine, the next day the dreaded “playback failed.” In which case I head to my Brave browser and look for alternatives.

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