Playback error recconect in 3s

I am using IPTV Smarters Pro. I am experi encing an error called “playback error, reconnecting in 3s”. My video stops and then restarts. My WiFi speed is fine, and I have cleared cache. This seems to be a prevalent issue across numerous users. A Google search did not find a fix.

I am looking for anyone with a solution, or an investigation and test by troypoint regarding the reasons. Is it time to ditch this service and try another IPTV? If a paid service is not delivering, I hope Troypoint will advise its subscribers accordingly.

Very frustrsted about the lack of response to this widespread concern

Kindly use surfshark vpn and connect to a different ip address from Germany, Sweden or Spain.
Channels should load up. Try with vpn (suggested is Surfshark or express vpn) because this issue could be due to isp throttling.

If this does not work then it could be the following reasons below:

. Your iptv account might have expired.
. Your iptv is under maintenance or its down.
So do check with your iptv provider if there is any upgrade or maintenance ongoing or service was down temporarily.

Another issue could be the user agent under settings in the IPTV Smarters Pro.
Go to the settings of the iptv smarters player…
Go to general settings and scroll down to user agent.
Make sure it’s set to ’ smarters’ and click save.

Do this and see all should be fine after the above check.

You need to go to your IPTV service provider for a fix. Something is wrong with your subscription or the feeds that bring you the channels. It comes up a lot, but the "lack of response " as you say is because unverified IPTV services are “use at your own risk”. You also didnt mention a VPN, I surely hope you are using one as your ISP could have seen your activity and blocked your IPTV use.

A simple router reboot did the trick. I used the reboot button on my router. This was not a factory reset but rather a reboot. It had nothing to do with my iptv service or my VPN.

If you google router router reboot, you will see plenty of advice about why this is a good thing to do occasionally. A reboot can also help improve your WiFi speed. It seems this was what was causing the “replay error, reconnect in 3s” which I suppose is a buffering issue.

I hope this helps others and at least now there will be a hit on this site when you search for this error. I found it odd that this was not a topic when so many people are struggling with it.


Everyone should at least once a month totally unplug ALL TVs, devices, routers, and modems for an extended period of time (minimum 20-30 minutes). I try to remember to do this once a week. This allows all your devices to 100% reset!

An easy way to do this is plug everything into a power strip and plug the power strip into an outlet that is controlled by a wall switch or use a smart plug which can be controlled by an app or your phone or tablet.

When you leave the house for a period time and no one else will be home is a good time to do this and a good habit to pick up.

Personally, I like using smart plugs for this procedure. If I forget to flip the switch or unplug the devices, I can easily open up the app on my phone and deactivate that plug from anywhere.
(36) How to set up and use a smart plug - YouTube


110% in agreement with the restarting of devices. The modem and router are something that seem to be, kind of out of sight out of mind, but rebooting on occasion for sure helps. Doesn’t have to be daily, maybe not even weekly, but it absolutely does help and solves many problems in the process too. I like the smart plug idea, also some routers have an auto reboot (schedule) feature in their software that will reboot it during the wee hours of the morning if you so choose.

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