Picture disappears then comes back, Solution!

Hi, I have a mecool km6 deluxe… Last year I bought a new smart tv and for months it worked well with my km6, then in january while watching a film or tv series the picture would go black and lose audio then appear 3 seconds later then stutter and lock up where I then would have to restart film again. This happened nearly all the time and I thought it was the add ons could be the problem? but before I decided to erase the box and reload them all I decided to do some research on the HDMI leads.All my leads was not that old but wasn’t 4K. So I bought some new best HDMI leads that went up to 10K. Now the picture on the tv is so much better from the km6 and doesn’t stutter anymore and very smooth plus picture quality has improved so much!
Hope this helps anyone whose streaming is poor.


It is amazing how many problems a simple HDMI cord can cause. I guess it comes down to the age-old adage, " You buy cheap, you get cheap". We recently moved and while setting up the TV, my android box, and the internet, I couldn’t get any picture on the TV. I must have checked a dozen things and restarted everything twice at least, before it dawned on me to try a new HDMI cord. Lo and behold, that fixed the problem.

As long as we’re on HDMI cables…they’re pretty cut & dried these days :cowboy_hat_face:


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