Picking a Stream from Real Debrid

Can someone help me read the information from the stream selection? I have no idea what I am looking at and I hate to start watching a movie only to find it is dubbed in some foreign language. What does it all mean?

Sometimes the actual language is not stated in the info line. Sometimes it is. It might say “Rus” “Fr” “Ita” “Ger”

Sorry somehow didn’t get to finish. Sometimes it will say “subs”, obviously meaning subtitles, sometimes not. It also states 4K, 1080, 720, SD, for the stream. It will also state where the stream is from. Limetorrents, MagnetDL, bitlord, etc. Sometimes it is just a crapshoot, and you play it. If it is in a foreign language, just stop it and pick another link. You just don’t always know beforehand.



You can change your Kodi settings to turn off subtitles by default and also choose what language you want by default. Many video files will have multiple audio tracks. When you get one with a foreign language it means that’s the master audio track.


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