Phenomenal Kodi Build


Was just reading about this build…A very timely post by Troypoint :sunglasses:

This looks very well built and if the layout is as good as what I am looking at on the web then…WOW :+1:
I will be diving off into this build this weekend for a test drive :beers:
Newest Kodi 19 Build! DIGGZ XENON PHENOMENAL K19.4 BUILD! - YouTube


Is that phenomenal build just for 19.4 because i download on 19.3 on cant get anything to come through every subject i push on it just tell me it busy

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I can tell you it works, I just havent had time to test drive much. I downloaded 19.4 from the rai and then followed Troypoints instructions. I did notice during install the wizard showed 19.3 as the version but I ignored that and stuck to the instructions and all went well. Looks very nice and I will complete the setup with debrid and tract later.

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I have a few different instances of KODI loaded on my Windows 10 PC as I find this helpful in testing out new builds before deciding if I want to install these Builds on my Android Boxes with KODI or on a Fork. Much faster to install and test on windows IMO. I loaded this Build on a Fresh Copy of KODI 19.4. One thing I noticed quickly is that there doesn’t appear (or I couldn’t find) a Universal Setting to Enable Real Debrid across the Build like I have with some other Builds. If that is the case you will need to enable RD in each Addon you want to use. I went into The Oathe settings and enabled RD and TraktTV. All my Movies and Shows were there and tested a few different shows and Movies and received plenty of playable 4K and 1080p links.

I was excited to see about 15 different Sports Addons but as is the case with KODI, Live sports have always been hit or Miss IMO but YMMV. Couldn’t get anything to play on Mad Titan or The endzone but did find working live links on The Crew sports.

All in All a really detailed build and will be exploring more and most likely will install on one of my KODI Forks on the Android Boxes. Anyway just thought I’d give a quick say on what I’ve seen and I believe “TXRon” is going to do a deeper dive

I agree. This is a great build with lots of surprises inside (which will remain un-named :rofl:). Like @MarkxG I could not find a common debrid application across the build which sux but I digress. There are great add-ons installed out of the box and plenty a click away.
The normal kodi startup times are here which seem to go on and on and when you think its done another :grimacing:.
I love the setup with this build its really phonomenal :sunglasses: and I now have this ranked as my favorite build, kicking doomzday down to 2nd place. This is all subject to change at any minute but for now 4 stars out of 5. Show me a debrid across the build and 5 stars :beers:

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TxRon, I’ve been using the Builds from Grindhouse for Years. The Dev team is constantly maintaining the Builds and replacing Dead Addons with working ones. They have a number of KODI19 Builds in their Wizard and have a great FB Support page and Youtube site. I use the JAWS Build and there is a Central Resolve URL area where you reauthorize Real Debrid one time and it enables RD in all the Addons in the Build. Don’t want to steal Diggz Thunder here but here’s how to get their wizard and Builds.

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Im going to try a Kodi build for the first time, so this looks ideal. Testing it on a second gen stick and want to ask, is it best to reset the stick and just put this Kodi Build on it?

I put grindhouse on my 4K Max for a few days to test it out. It wasn’t huge and played nicely with my system. However I found a build wasn’t for me. There was simply to much in it that I didn’t want and would never use. So I deleeted it. I can’t remember exactly how much space it took up but I still had enough for the stick to work perfectly. I try to keep my stick with over 2mb free though.

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I dont know how u guys are getting this to work i can get it to download on 2nd gen firestick but cant bring anything through just keep spinning at top of screen saying busy have lots of space left 2.25gb im i missing something here


The Phenomenal build needs to be updated so Real-debrid can be added to it .

Too many glitches. A lot of the apps don’t work. My biggest disappointment is that it doesn’t download the codes for and work. I only got Venom, Shadow and Fen to work. Crew and The Oath doesn’t work on it either.And they are usually reliable.

Unlike some Builds that have a Central place where you Reauthorize RD one time with this Build you need to do it within the addons you want to use. I Authorized RD and Trakk TV in The Oathe and everything worked fine

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Hey MarkxG, there is a central place for Debrid logins, scroll down to Debrid Zone and click to the right. Debrid logins are there. Pressing right on any menu opens the submenu. Pressing left opens the widget.

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Thanks I see that. The Menu is a bit wonky I never would have found that but maybe because I’m on windows 10 vs my android Box. I test new Builds on windows 10 because it’s much faster to install and move around than on Android IMO.


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I loaded this build an I could not find a setting in the Real Derid zone .I see nothing in the menu about a central place for it . Am I mssing something here ?

Yea, like i said, scroll down to Debrid Zone and instead of clicking on Debrid Zone, click to the RIGHT to open the submenu. Same for all the menus. Submenus are to the right.


Same to authorize Trakt…

That worked. Thanks for your help .

I really like this build. I went to add it to another Firestick and it’s no longer available in the Chef Wizard Builds😔 Anyone else notice or have any idea why it was removed