Peacock on firestick zoomed in

hi i am in the uk and i am using peacock US when watching anything it is zoomed in so you can only see part of what i am watching can anyone help with this thanks

Welcome , can you find a square or anything in the corner of the screen to click on? if you can hook a usb keyboard to it via a otg cable or hub that might give you the f11 option like on a pc. Mouse Toggle program may give you the ability to find it. Hope this gives you some ideas. :v:

thanks for the reply i have switched regions on the box and downloaded it from the app store

What device are you on? Is this on the Peacock app?

i am using firebox with peacock app

Firebox? Do you mean the Cube?

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If this is a FireTV OS device you need to go into the video settings and set it to 1080p. If I remember correctly peacock is only 1080p max.

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