Peacock freezing when add starts?

Just downloaded peacock and subscribed (not premium) to watch last 3 seasons of New Amsterdam which aren’t on Netflix. Everytime it gets to an add, it freezes, add doesn’t play, only way to continue is to force close app, relaunch, and fast forward past app. Anyone else encounter this??? Any ideas on how to fix this greatly appreciated…Thx in advance!

You want every season and every episode?? Stremio never fails to please.

I guess I didn’t notice it was connected to an ad. But tried to watch a college hockey game on Peacock last night. It was just like the NFL feeds I tried to watch earlier. The buffering was so bad that the players looked like I was watching a movie from the 1920s, and then like you say, it froze continuously. At least I got it free with my Xfinity internet sub. I really think it’s on their end. They haven’t got it figured out and don’t have the capacity to handle a crunch of people wanting to watch something unique like an NFL game. Luckily, I can get those sports on IPTV and movies on Streamio.

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