PBS Help after Provider Removed Channels

I am looking to get my local PBS back on Tivimate, I’ve added https://i.mjh.nz/PBS/all.m3u8 into Tivimate but all I get is a black screen. Is there something else I need to do, or use a different player, or an external player to get PSB to work? My provider removed their PBS category and looking to get that channel back. I also use iptveditor.com to manage my playlist and epg.


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I entered that url in my playlist in TiViMate and it loads and displays perfectly. Are you updated 4.2.0 premium?


Thanks Miki that worked. Not sure what happened but the channels loaded now.


I just now checked that m3u and every channel I selected played instantly without any issues. I know the assigned epgs for that m3u are no longer reliable. I do have a source for an epg that works but you may have to assign the individual channels manually.

Btw, the developer is going to modify that playlist soon.

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In what way? I hope they don’t drop developments.

I think he is going to combine that playlist in with some others and he is working on an all inclusive epg.

Try this epg.



Great news, seems like pbs channels were being phased out .

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