Pay pal questions

Would you recommend using Pay Pal for an IPTV account. I’ve been using You Tube tv, their rate hike may push me to the dark side. Any advice appreciated.

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That’s up to you. We talk alot about this, we touch on payment for iptv providers. Id use our search.

I have used PayPal. I just make sure I delete my card info after the transaction is complete. Also, and I am not sure on this, but if you can use a prepaid card. Then that would be my preferred way.


I use it all the time if I need that option and have only once had them reject the transaction. Most providers will use an obscure name not to draw attention to it. Its a safe way to do it, worst case is they block it.


i use it all the time never had a problem its my preferred way to pay when i was playing with the chinese ipts that was all i used no way i was western unioning money