Patriot Kodi add on gone?

Anyone use the Patriot addon on Kodi? Have been using for awhile,had several different categories and sections and seemed work well.Few days ago on shield clicked on it and only about 3 categories showed up.Then clicked on it today on Forumuler box and it is totally gone.

I don’t use Patriot however it’s in the Build I’ve been using for years. Just tested it out and yup I think it’s Fried. Life Happens, these Dev’s are unpaid Hobbyists just like us and often times Shi$ happens. Time to move on. Homelander and The Crew are working

I don’t use the patriot addon, however the repository has recently changed.

The previous repository versions:

Narcacist Repository version 1.1.9

Patriot addon version 4.8

Current repository versions:

Lost Soul repository version 1.2.0

Patriot addon version 4.8

Just tested the addon and I have way more than just a few categories when I open it up.

You have to manually install the new repo from the ZIP file to get the new repository. It will not automatically update.

Didn’t see a Lost Soul repo after quick search,so just went to Narcissist repo and uninstalled Patriot then reinstalled and it seems like that worked and all categories were back.Stupidly simple solution,but didn’t think about it or try it befoe because I had several of the categories set up in my favorites and thought I would lose them and have to go thru setting them up again,but they seem to still work also

The new repository is listed on the website.

The new repo URL is referenced on this page

How to Install Asgard Kodi Addon (All-In-One Streaming) (

The old repo URL is referenced on this page

Patriot Kodi Addon on Firestick/Android - Is It Safe & Legal? (

At the moment, I don’t see any differences within the repositories, but I would suggest having both installed and at the ready.

Whichever one is maintained and updated is the one to use going forward.

Thanks for info.dDd add it just in case,from link you provided,but then also found you could go into Narcissist repo and click on add on repository and link to install Lost Souls is in there also