Pairing ARQ-100 to TV

I have not been successful in getting my ARQ-100 paired with my TV. It is a Vizio. Missing something again. I need to power off and adjust the volume.

Also, I would like to add some of the m3u url’s that are listed here in my x5. Are those supposed to be put in as a m3u? If so, the 1 I tried failed.

1st impressions of this box is awesome. It is fast. I am getting 94 Mbps down and 16 up on a 100/20 fiber line. That is behind ProtonVPN as well. Prime Video is working and several other apps that I have loaded. I am using the built-in player as well. Loving it!

Issue resolved. I was pointing the remote towards the tv not the tv remote. Pressed the power key on the tv remote and the ARQ-100 picked it right up. Onward to the next issue.

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