Pairing a different remote on the Nvidia Shield

This may be a simple question, but…

I am a newbie on the Nvidia Shield Pro. It appears that I am not a big fan of the remote. The triangle shape is a bit awkward in my hand and the buttons line up in a vertical manner seems to throw me off. (We won’t talk about the N-flux button as that is covered in another post). Don’t get me wrong as the Shield remote feels solidly built and I do like that it lights up. That worked so that I could see which button I needed to push since my muscle memory wasn’t programmed into my brain, yet. Anyway…

If someone could post a method for running (setting up) another remote for the Shield it would be appreciated. I understand that some folks have been using a Firestick remote to work with the Shield. I’m thinking that those universal remotes are just over-kill with a zillion buttons, at least in my simple mind. If you have a link to a youtube video would be great.

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Settings>Remotes & accessories>shield accessories>other Options>pair an accessory or click the quick guide option and read.
Don’t forget you can add a remote app onto your phone. I think @Powerfader has one he likes. I use a mini Keyboard that has a dongle plugged into one of the USB ports on my Shield Pro.

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I kinda knew that it would be too easy to do this but I wanted to add to the knowledge base here on the Advisor.

I just order the Rii MX3 Multifunction 2.4G Fly Mouse Mini Wireless Keyboard & Infrared Remote Control on Amazon. $13! I’ve learned that you get what you pay for but sometimes it turns out to be a surprise. This is way too many buttons for my simple mind but $13 prime I couldn’t pass it up.

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one of my fav remotes and cheap
onn. Universal TV and Streaming Remote -
onn. Universal TV and Streaming Remote -


I found this video on youtube for programming a Fire remote to work on the Shield.

I couldn’t get my 2nd Gen Cube remote to pair based on this video. So I looked up how to put the Stick remote into pair mode. Hold the Menu (hamburger) + back + Left directional button, on the ring, for 12 seconds.

I haven’t had an opportunity to try it yet but will give it a shot and report back.

For $10 I’ll give this one a shot. Thanks TXRon

The method, that I mentioned above, worked like a charm, once I found out how to get my Stick remote into pairing mode.

Originally I was thinking that I was having issues with the Nvidia remote. But I found that even using the FStick remote, that I am having those same issues. I will probably go ahead and post the issue in another thread as it is related to Kodi and the Shield.

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I had to stop in at at the local Neighborhood Market to pick up something. I figured while I was there I’d take a look to see if they stocked this remote. They did have it and it was just marked down (clearance) to $6! I grabbed one and, at that price, maybe snag another.


they have 2 models, this one and one for more devices and a number pad

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Is this model strictly IR? I’m having a heck of a time getting it to pair with my Shield Pro.

yep, ir only

And the Shield is bluetooth?

should connect via ir to this remote.

IR typically requires line-of-sight access to work, correct? Unfortunately my Shield sits behind my TV. Maybe I can set up a mirror to target the IR to the receiver on the Shield. I know that IR can be fairly good at bouncing around off of walls. I just need to figure out where the receiving port is.

Also, the RII remote I bought is IR. So I’m not having any luck getting that set up. The RII came with a mini dongle that I plugged directly into the USB port on the Shield. I have a short USB cable. Maybe if I put the dongle on that cable I would be able to bring it out to the front for line-of-sight.

yea the ir is tricky. Try the different code searches.

Will do! Thank you for the tip.

I just order the Rii MX3 Multifunction 2.4G Fly Mouse Mini Wireless Keyboard & Infrared Remote Control on Amazon. $13! I’ve learned that you get what you pay for but sometimes it turns out to be a surprise. This is way too many buttons for my simple mind but $13 prime I couldn’t pass it up.

This thing was useless and do not recommend for the following reasons.

  • The owner’s manual is about the size of the wrapper on a Double Bubble bubble gum wrapper. It basically said “plug it in and it works”!

  • I was unable to get it to get it to function until I hooked up a USB extension to move the dongle to the front of my monitor.

  • I went to the RII website and this model is not even listed as a product. If you try to download any manuals you receive and “OPPS”. So none of the companies manuals are available.

  • I tried to send an email to Customer Support and I received some kind of server error.

After getting the USB extension I was able to get the air mouse to work. But for some unknown reason the screen would go completely black. I would have to power down the Shield and unplug the dongle to get the Shield to work again.

So, obviously, I do not recommend this POC.

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Hi!… I personally like the newer triangle remote. I found it to be an improvement from the flat version which came with my first Nvidia Shield TV player which I still have. I’m not sure but you may still be able to find one?
That being said, if you open ‘Remotes & Accessories’ in Settings, scroll down to Add Accessory. When selected a search will begin looking for BluTooth accessories and if your preferred remote is enabled and on you should be able to pair with it.
I paired my iPad and Monster Clarity 102 Plus ear buds in this way. I hope this works for you!…

Please correct me if I am wrong, but the Remotes & Accessories are for setting up bluetooth accessories. I spent quite a bit of time trying that avenue before realizing that the RII remote was IR.

Overall, the remote that came with the Shield is ok. But the layout of opposing operations being on one side of the remote frustrates me. Whereas the buttons on the Fire remote is on either side. << or >> are side by side. When using the Nvidia remote (in the dark) I try to fast forward and invariably hit the return button. Same with the pause button, I hit the fast forward button. :grimacing:

Use the Button Mapper to change those buttons around.