PAC 12 apps or addons

Anyone know of any decent apps or addons for the PAC 12 network? I tried installing the sports section for The Crew but it didn’t load. Thanks

Ola TV has the Pac 12 but I’d have to check the US servers I found, to see which one it’s on. Ok I took 5 minutes and found the following servers with Pac 12

T36, 74, 97, 201, 105, 109, 113, 117, 122, 125, 280, 270

I’m sure there are more but you should get a working stream out of one of those.

Is this the app or is it thru maybe your IPTV?

Mad Titan Sports has it also.

Mad Titan a stand alone app?

Mad Titan Sports is a Kodi add-on.

Found it but only get audio on NCAA feeds

Did you goto live sports>sports networks>misc networks>pac 12?

Definitely get it with my IPTV provider, but idk about any add-ons or apps to get it for free.

Not sure if that question was aimed at me. Ola TV is an app with hundreds of servers and thousands of channels. You use Ola Tv, Ludio, and kshaw together.
Everything is free.

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Thanks Miki I wasn’t sure about Ludio and kshaw

Ludio is the player Kshaw is the app used to save your favorites to and then play from there. If you go that route then let me know and I can give you a step by step. Now, for instance, when you open Ola and choose a server number, one that I posted, and open it, click down to “ALL” and once it loads, give it a minute or so, click on it, then go to the search (magnifying glass) and type in what channel you’re looking for. Saves a ton of time.

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