OTT Navigator iptv app dropped from Google PlayStore

OTT Navigator IPTV app is no longer on Playstore. Furthermore, the premium version no longer works and my subscription due on 25th January has not been charged. Looks like they may have gone out of business. I will try emailing support but not much hope as developers are based in Ukraine.

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Update: Still working on the issue resolving. Those who can wait - please wait. Those who lost their premium and need it urgently - we have a solution to you:

  1. Search your e-mail and search by GPA word to find a google purchase reciept (should like something like GPA.XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXX)
  2. In the app do settings - extended - backup - save (and write down the backup code)
  3. Download the app from
  4. You might need the allow installing from unknown sources on your device. Also this is non-google build so has different signature, and the data will be reset.
  5. Install the downloaded app
  6. Launch it, go to settigns - extended - backup - load (use code from step 2), restart the device
  7. Launch the app, go to settings - premium, create an account
  8. After logging in press claim a purchase button (use code from step 1)
  9. If restore is successful you will see something like 0/5 devices, press a button to add current device
  10. Have fun!

PS: Same mechanics using account can be used for user activation on non-google devices like firetv

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