Other Firestick options

I think it is time to do some research in looking for a different device to stream with. Other than the Firestick what do you use and why?

If you do a search you will find so many options! Thanks for being a patron.

There are so many options, but none better than the Nvidia Shield. Good luck and let us know what you chose!

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There are dozens of options available. As mentioned the top of the heap for many cord cutters here is the Nvidia Shield, but other good and less expensive options are out there. Onn, Mecool, to name two. Study the specs, decide what it is you want to do with your device and then read and ask questions. The Firestick 4K Max is a very inexpensive and powerful device with many options to add and modify your setup to your liking, but it does take a lot of reading and learning. I’ve had sticks for years, so if you need help with it I can do that, but either way their are countless options. PM me if you want help.
Have Fun and STREAM ON.


I bailed from Amazon going with the cheap Onn box from Walmart to familiarize myself with the Android system…All my sets have one now!!!


i have a shield but i perfer the firecube nvidia has a couple issues i didnt like while performance is top rate === updates can wreck what you have loaded and its expensive
the cube is almost shield performace for tv viewing — if you are a gamer the sheild is better
but when you have 3 tvs in differant rooms fire cube and sticks is the way to go they can be expanded easy and work well

The Cube has excellent specs and I would love to get one. I hear there are some upcoming improvements like more storage. I also noticed some great sale prices and wonder if a new model may be coming out. I have become quite use to FireTV and know the setup and inner workings with the Max so should be a smooth transition to a cube. I do agree that for my use the Shield might be overkill. How much RAM do your Cubes have?

As its voice functionality is integrated into the device itself, the Fire TV Cube does not include the voice remote. The device uses a 1.5 GHz quad-core ARM 4xCA53 processor, 2 GB RAM , and 16 GB storage.
i add 64gb storage with usb drive to mine twice a year they are half price 60 bucks thats when i bought mine

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So many available. I actually have a few I’ve picked up to play with. ONN Boxes, Nvidia Shield Pro, TiVo Stream 4K, BuzzTV X5 and a Mecool KM2. They all work great and depends on what you’re looking to spend. If you’re a Netflix user, stay away from the X5 as it’s not Netflix certified

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